If you’re after a dose of inspiration to make you want get out and about then look no further!

These are some of my favourite Instagram pages by families who are all about adventuring with wee humans in tow.

Some are on wheels, some are flying their way around the world and some are filling their days with adventure in their own backyard. Some are just outside enjoying nature. All of them take beautiful photos.

Thanks to all of these amazing families for giving me the nod to share their photos here and also for inspiring me to get my butt off the couch and get outside 🙂

Use the links to head over to each of their pages for more great photos.


Yellow Like Sunshine – 


Malinda, Darcey and Thyme, a family of three living in an off grid Toyota Coaster bus somewhere in Australia.

Beautiful pics of beautiful places and some great tips about foraging for food.



Diesel Power Wolf Pack

A couple and their little boy roaming around the desert and mountains in their very impressive looking offroad truck.

I have total housetruck envy!

Their photos are fabulous.



Chelsea Jean – 


A family of 7 based in Hawaii and homeschooling.

Their photos are beautiful and document their days roaming around in nature, on an island, need I say more?




The Blonde Nomads –


Rob, Tracy, Marli and Ziggy. A family of four traveling Australia in a caravan.

They are on the road full time and blog about their travels.

As well as amazing pics they are a wealth of useful info for anyone thinking of doing the same thing at some stage.




Trip In A Van – @tripinavan 

A family of five who have just completed two laps around Australia in a caravan.

These guys are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to traveling Australia, to the extent that it is now their full time job.




Jinti Fell –


A family of three living the van life in Australia.

The focus is on sustainable living, healthy eating, and a vegan lifestyle among other things.




Boys Run Free – 


Naomi is a homeschooling, photographer mama of four boys on the coast south of Sydney.

Her photos are amazing and document the adventures of her four blonde haired boys while they ragtag about in nature.

You can see more of Naomi’s work at @blood_and_bone_photography



House Truck School – 


A family of five living in their house truck, which runs on waste vegetable oil. They are completely off grid and focussed on sustainable living.

They homeschool and post a lot of cool tips about incorporating study into every day activities and adventure.





A family of four travelling the world full time.

They have no base and document their adventures on instagram and their blog.

Their photos are amazing!




Summer Of Seventy Five –


The life and travels of a family of four in an old VW Kombi, Australia.

Gorgeous photos and beautiful places all around Aus, a treat for the eyes.



Fitetravels –


A full time van dwelling family of three.

If you’re planning on vanning it full time with kids or just dreaming up a plan these guys are a good one to watch for some cool practical ideas.

They have the best sleeping set up I have seen, I’m jealous that they don’t have to set ups kids beds every time they stop!




The Rooses 


A family of four on a world trip. These guys run a website called Nectar And Pulse which is all about sharing wonderful places around the world with their readers.

As they say on their site, “our mission is to feed your wanderlust.”

I like it!



Raised On The Road


A family of four travelling the world in a Land Rover.

Cool pics from cool places.



Our Home On Wheels


Another van fam, this one a family of three (four if you include the four legged member) travelling the world.

You can also find them at confessionsofavanwife



Those Girls Wander


One adventurous mama and her two daughters traveling Australia in their Lancruiser camper thingy (their words!)

I’m crossing my fingers I bump into this lot on our travels some time cos they sure look like my kinda crew 🙂



Wandrly – 


A family of five who have been traveling full time for the last eight years!

They run an online magazine for those of you who are curious about perpetual travel, check it out at wanderlymagazine.com

There’s a whole lotta interesting and useful info in there, absolutely worth having a read 🙂



Family Van Travels –


Another van fam! I know, I know, there’s a bit of a theme here! 🙂

These guys have two little kids and I just dig seeing their pics pop up on my feed so I thought you might too.



Mali.Mish – 


A family of five who have been full time exploring since 2008.

They have gone from an Airstream to a 4WD camper and they just recently bought a 4×4 Sprinter.

I’ve been hanging out to find out how they are gonna asleep five people in a Sprinter and they just posted this shot of their conversion. How cool it that!

Follow long for some very cool van conversion ideas.



Usdrifting –


Sarah, James and Stella.

A tribe of 3 traveling in a 1988 Ford Van.

Such beautiful photos. And I tell you what, I do indeed envy their ability to stick to a theme! Or at least a colour scheme 🙂





A British family of four travelling around Croatia, Italy and then Switzerland in their bight yellow VW van.

Beautiful photos and cool adventures that’ll brighten up your day. Check out their blog on the link below…






AWOL Family is a project documenting this young family’s travels while they join their hubby/Dad, Australian Olympian Courtney Atkinson, on his adventures around the globe.






A family of three travelling around Australia in their very gorgeous old kombi called Izzie (yes, I have a total van crush.) It does remain a mystery to me how they do red dirt, a toddler and beautiful white camp gear. I am very impressed! And I need to work out the trick…




Max & Ivy


These guys are awesome!

Lily drives around in a campervan with two kids aged nearly three and nearly four.

She writes a blog about road tripping and camping with small humans in tow and is based in Australia.

The kids are the most unbelievably well behaved kids ever, they never crack it.

She never cracks it.

No tantrums to be seen, ever.

They are always dressed impeccably, never wear their pj’s all day and only eat fresh home made whole foods while they are on the road. No baked beans here.

I aspire to being just like them one day 😉


Lily x


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