Resources For Road Trippers & Campers

Handy apps for road tripping & camping

Online resources to help you plan your next trip

A few things I learned the hard way


Road Tripping With Kids

Healthy (ish) snacks for road trips with kids

Toilet training kids on the road

How to plan the perfect road trip with kids

Road tripping with kids – A survival guide

How I manage drive and set up time on the road with kids

Great gift ideas for travelling kids

The car seat head flop & how we fixed it, eventually…


Camping With Kids

Quick and easy camping meals for kids

Tips for feeling safe when camping solo with kids

Camping with kids in cold weather

Gear that makes camping with kids easier

How to choose the most kid friendly site at a caravan park

Safety tips for camping with kids

Easy outdoor activities for kids (that are perfect for camping)

Jobs for the kids when you’re camping

My biggest camping stuff ups so far


Handy Gear & Stuff To Pack

What to pack when you are road tripping and camping with kids

Road trip & camping toys that don’t take up too much space

Gear for vanlife & camping – My top picks

Super handy gear for road trips with kids


Entertaining Kids On The Road

Perfect podcasts for family road trips

10 ways to entertain your kids on a road trip

Apps for road tripping with kids (that don’t involve screens)

My favourite kids stories on Audible

Kids audiobooks & songs about the environment


Places To Camp

Places to camp near Sydney, Australia

Places to camp near Brisbane, Australia

Places to camp near Melbourne, Australia

Places to camp near Cairns, Australia


East Coast Adventure Guide

Farmstays near Sydney

Beautiful places to stop between Sydney and the Sunshine Coast

Driving between Sydney & Byron Bay with kids

The inland road between Sydney and Brisbane

Great parks and play areas on the east coast of Australia

Driving between Sydney & Melbourne with kids

Driving between Sydney & Melbourne via the coast road with kids


Festivals & Events

Family friendly festivals in Australia

Festivals with kids – Stuff you need to know before you go


The Van Conversion

Our van conversion – Your questions answered

How we added the bed rail upstairs in the campervan


Inspiration & Light Reading

Instagram pages that will inspire you to adventure with the kids

Van life with kids, the crappy bits

A giant roo, sideways rain and a leaky coffee cup

Road tripping with kids, why I love it

Why we went road tripping with a newborn



Playlist – Road Tripping 2017 on Spotify

Playlist – Road Tripping 2018 on Spotify


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