Hi! I’m Lily and we are a family of four, consisting of yours truly, Geoff, Max (6) and Ivy (5). I got the van when the kids were one and two, so the whole vanlife with kids thing is constantly evolving and changing as they grow.

Before kids I swore I would continue on adventuring like usual when I had them. I ate a lotta hat after that one! I had two kids twelve months apart and hid under a rock for a few years…

I spent a fair chunk of my time from 2016 to 2020 driving around in our VW campervan, usually just me and the kids, and I found myself fielding a lot of questions while we were on the road, from parents who would love to be doing something similar.

This blog is a place to answer those questions, share cool tips, review places to stay, to tell stories and all manner of info relating to getting out there and adventuring with small humans in tow. And, hopefully build a community of like minded folk at the same time!

In 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started the whole chemo journey. We decided that we needed to change up our set up to something that suited this new temporary version of me a little better, and also to something that will take us around Australia for a year in 2022 (after I kick cancers butt.)

Sooooo, enter Frank The Tank the Landcruiser. And, soon, I reckon we might be adding a Patriot camper to the mix. The camper should be arriving in November 2020.

For me, the freedom that comes with being able to move your house at will is the most wonderful thing, the van is my way of getting around the monotony that is sometimes your reality when raising small kids in suburbia.

Everything on the blog is geared to help any human with kids, in any vehicle, get from A to B a little easier. Or to help said human work out where exactly B is gonna be. My aim is to create a “tool kit” of useful and useable info for any parent who wants to chuck the kids in the car and hit the road.

If you wanna know a little more about me and the slightly quirky way our family does travel then have a listen to my interview on the Family Travel Podcast by clicking here.

So, if you’re at home with one or two or more kids running around and you’re thinking I wish I could do that… You totally can 🙂



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